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Registered Acupuncturist



Trying to be the most Laid-back Acupuncturist in Australia!

Down to earth. Friendly.

Joking all day.

Life is too short to make myself look bigger and better. Trying to show whatever of myself in the middle of SNS times.

I had suffered from various ailments since I was child. Numerous treatments with Western medicine and Alternative medicine had not helped me much. I had to find my own ways to fix myself. That made my style very realistic and no gimmicks. Also I try to be my techniques as gentle as possible. As a professional, we should endeavor to achieve results in minimum discomforts.

So many of us suffer from unnecessary pains and discomforts which good acupuncture treatments and life style can treat very well.

I strongly can understand and feel sympathy of your frustrations and struggles
in the middle of bodily symptoms which has not been understood or treated
by practitioners or people very well, that affects us in many aspects of
life, and that looping more vicious cycles.

I had so many let-downs while having health problems, so I know that feelings very well. I was so angry that made me a therapist.
It would be a great pleasure if my treatments could help relieving your pains.....

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